I'm a wife, mom, writer and personal trainer. Having children changed my life in the best way and it also changed my outlook on exercise. Exercise became a form of self-care versus something I needed to check off my to-do list. After working in the fitness industry for 10 years, I decided to create Bliss Fit, a space for people to feel supported, safe and find joy! I wanted to create environment that takes away the pressure to look a certain way and just focus on how exercise makes you feel! 

I'm Gabriella Enniss

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Fitness is not a one size fits all, which is why we believe in providing custom programming for all of our clients to match their needs and goals. 

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Hello! I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here. My name is Mallory. I am a wife to an entrepreneur, a mom to 2 children, and a former teacher. My wellness journey has looked different over the years and I’ve gone in and out of a “healthy” relationship with wellness. I strive towards wellness that is balanced and enjoyed. I believe that Bliss Fit is a space where that balance can be achieved.

Communications Director

Mallory Nix

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Hi! I’m Jordan. I am a wife, girl mom, and cat mom who loves to shop, eat, and organize. I taught middle school math for seven years before deciding to stay home with my little one. I am on a journey to figure out what wellness means for my family and myself as I navigate my new role of “Mama.” I love what Bliss Fit stands for, and I am excited to be part of the team.

administrative assistant

Jordan Roth

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Mom to four young kiddos, free-lance writer, ACE certified personal trainer, and NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist. I love reading and I love working out. If I’m not at the gym, running carpool, or drinking coffee while on the phone with my best friends, you’ll probably me in my favorite reading nook with a good book or at the computer writing. I am always in pursuit of an essentialist lifestyle and one of my greatest passions is to encourage those around me to find ways to incorporate exercise and simplicity in all seasons of life.

Personal Trainer

Jenna Michael

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I have a B.S. degree in exercise and sports studies and an M.S. degree in clinical exercise physiology. I also am a certified NASM personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor. I currently work as an exercise physiologist in preventative age management medicine. As a working mom, I’ve had to adjust immensely in my own programming and I love to work with clients who have similar challenges.

personal trainer

Katrina Breece

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body transformation photos don't tell the whole story

fitness should be about loving your body, not punishing it

workouts don't have to be 2 hours long to be effective

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